Coordination training and grassroots motor skills in football


Coordination training in grassroots football or the development of the coordination structure at an early age is essential to be able to correctly execute everything that the player decides to do on the field. The work and development of the coordinating structure of young players who play soccer is an essential element to improve and enjoy this beautiful sport since, without a minimum command of the skills required during practice, it is very difficult to generate intrinsic motivation to continue. It is also important to know correct score tips.

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What is the methodology?

At professional football club, they believe in the training of intelligent players, and to understand what type of content is important, they rely on Perceptual mechanism (the player collects information), Decision-making mechanism (decides how to act based on experiences and knowledge), and Executing mechanism (coordinating capacity, execution of the action). It is believed that the ability to develop coordination skills never disappears, but it is true that the most sensitive stage to this type of improvement is at an early age, when motor schemes are developed through the player’s interaction with the environment. Therefore, from the moment the child begins to stand up and move on their own, they are already developing their coordination skills through movement and discovery.

What is coordination?

We understand coordination as the player’s ability to relate to his own body through movement and the ball. We have two types of skills, the basic motor skills and the specific ones.

Basic motor skills

They are all those skills related to the player’s own body, and that appear during the game, such as:

  • Front / side / back movements.
  • Address changes.

Specific motor skills

They are all those related to the relationship of the body with the ball. Therefore, they are those actions related to the technical part of the ball game situations. It must be taken into account that all these actions also have their tactical part, which we will not cover during the coordination work. Some examples are:

  • Simple control.
  • Head shot.

The characteristics of this type of task are basically a high percentage of participation and repetition of the technical action to be developed in a controlled way. The more times the player repeats the action in more different and variable environments, the greater the motor learning.

Other important aspects

Apart from the basic physical qualities, we must also include the work of motor skills in the development of a sport as complex as soccer. Motor skills or qualities are those that depend to a greater extent on the nervous system and are involved in the development of technique. These are:

Coordination: combining muscular actions of various body segments and muscle groups, as well as the intervention of the whole body.

Agility: it is a combined quality or union between motor skills and physical qualities, to control the body in all its perfection.

Balance: or maintain a body position against the force of gravity.


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