How to choose the ideal football boot?


There are several types of football boots on the market. Some stand out for their colors, others for being sponsored by a player and this influences our choice even more than the real role they will play. More than helping you play well or having a style like that of your idols, a correct boot can prevent serious injuries to the knee, ankle and elsewhere. If you want to place bets on football games, visiting the Best soccer prediction site will surely make the difference. So that you do not make a mistake in choosing your next boot, we have prepared a guide with the main types and brands.

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Natural grass field boots

Natural grass fields are the tradition of football. There are fields with taller grass, others with low grass and some that have little grass and a lot of land. For this type of floor we recommend the field cleats, also known as cleats. Latches are essential in this type of field, as they offer the player the ideal stability for shots, kicks and other movements. A very good boot for this type of field is the Topper Titanium. It is comfortable and one of the most sold, in addition to having rubber latches, which are great for dry fields. Puma football boots are one of the most traditional in the world. As it is a German brand, it presents a slightly higher value, but also a high quality.

Synthetic grass fields

Synthetic grass fields are very popular as they are easy to maintain for establishments. It is almost always in such a field that the crowd gets together for football. Although the floor simulates natural grass, the boot for him needs to be different. Because the grass is shorter than the natural and artificially cushioned, society boots are recommended, with short rubber studs and an EVA plate on the sole, which helps to better distribute strength and body weight, offering greater grip and safety. For having similar characteristics, this type of boot is recommended for those who also play on dirt fields. The Nike is a brand recognized worldwide for its quality. The Nike AIR model features a high top, a feature that is in fashion among players, and applies the innovative anti-bacterial neoprene concept throughout the upper, providing better adjustment to the foot and support of movements.

Indoor football boots

Many parks and clubs have ballroom courts, which can be cemented, made of wood or PVC. As in this situation, the athlete will be in contact with a smooth floor, his shoes need to offer grip and movement capacity. In this case, futsal cleats are recommended, which are actually tennis shoes. The Adidas is a brand with tradition in this line of boots, reaching sponsoring famous athletes of futsal. For those who like a more traditional style, with basic colors, a good model is the Adidas Predator. It has a light and flexible material, as well as a padded layer to protect the heel and offer greater comfort.

Now, if you are looking for a more modern and colorful futsal shoe, Nike also has many models.


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