When Technology Meets Tennis


Technologies have advanced more quickly in the last twenty years, and it also introduced to enhancements in many fields and industries, including sports like tennis. Technologies are constantly influence tennis that assist scientists, tennis gear manufacturers, and players find possibility to raise the sport. The Australian Open helps demonstrate technologies have helped improve tennis. In 1905 to 1987, the Australian Open occured on glass courts, that are pricey to keep and hard to rely on when wet. Hence, courts were improved in 1988 and altered into hard courts. Australia uses Plexicushion courts, that are acrylic capped for consistency in bounce and also to work best with any weather within the united states .states.

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Tennis rackets have extended since improved from wooden frames with gut strings to greater-finish aluminum, graphite, composite, graphite, and steel frames obtaining a broader choice of strings. Some players can almost always prefer gut strings, but technological developments and breakthroughs helped grow their durability. Graphite and graphite rackets elevated to obtain broadly preferred due to they’re durable and lighter. Hence, players can grow their game and such as the sport better. Tennis racket manufacturers still develop their technologies to produce strategies to reduce vibrations making their products handier for particular kinds of players. Some developments have introduced to rackets that hit harder.

Technology helped improve umpiring in tennis tournaments, too. Line-calling was once completely according to human judgment. Now, some tournaments, such as the Australian Open, make use of the Hawk-Eye line-call to digitally review courts to make certain the solutions are fair and impartial, minimizing cheating.

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Another demonstration of technology meeting tennis is within the latest ways when selecting rackets. Now, you are able to choose a tennis racket using specialists online. These specialists produced a distinctive formula that will assist you receive the best tennis racket. You’ll be requested to retort to some couple of questions, and lots of data points will most likely be examined out of your details before impartial and accurate solutions receive for you personally. That way, you can steer apparent in the uncertainty and save your time when deciding on the most effective tennis racket for the quantity of skill and elegance of play.


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