Fairplay Club Review: Sportsbook Betting Website in India


Sports and gaming worldwide have become one of the most exciting choices for everyone, and when it comes to the betting and gambling craze, it becomes a more profound choice among youth. Sports betting has unmatched popularity across the world and so has given rise to many online betting platforms. The year 2020 was like a revolution for those betting fond people and provided an all-new introduction of the world’s biggest betting exchange platform called “Fairplay.” With the high-level excitement of betting, it’s also the concern of high risk with fraud activities as there was no certified and secure online betting website in India. Fairplay has different popularity and user base levels, which many other online betting websites in India can’t match.

Overview of Fairplay 

Fairplay carries multiple sports betting facilities on the platform, and so is the largest and most famous online betting website in India. The platform never makes any settlement with users’ choice and interests, as they always make a valuable effort on providing user best performance and bring their chosen sports. The platform also never compromises with the security of the betting platform and always gives a versatile betting exchange for gamers of different sports. The platform offers live betting and gambling on many games like sports (cricket, tennis, football, etc.), live casinos, and card games. 

The platform engages its user with crypto trading and binary trading. Moreover, Fairplay combines with betting exchanges like playexch, lords, lotus, meta trader. Thus, the platform is all one solution for different games betting. From 2020 start, Fairplay has grown highly in a brief period and since planning to spread the Fairplay base in Asian and international markets.

Authenticity and security of Fairplay

We all know the fact that any platform attracts customers more through its security, authenticity, and credibility in the services. The same is with the Fairplay club; it always makes sure that the platform never compromises user security and safety as betting and gambling have always been the point of conflict concerning protection. Moreover, Fairplay believes in providing a safe and secure game betting environment for its customers. Fairplay team has very stringent and robust rules regulation policies for their customer’s privacy protection. The data, information, and communication between customers and the Fairplay service team are encrypted.

That’s how Fairplay is a famous and fair betting website in India, which gives customers a direct and unbiased betting experience on the platform. The Fairplay team is very active and offers quick responses to fraud and cheat trials on the podium with its customer. There are several betting sites in India, but significantly less platform ensures such security and engaging service with their customers as Fairplay do.

Fairplay Sportsbook 

Fairplay has an extensive range of games in the sportsbook, with games like cricket, tennis, football, and horse racing. Customers, too, can enjoy live streaming of ongoing matches on these games. It has various leagues, live tournaments, and a real-time betting facility. While enjoying these fantastic games, customers can earn by winnings. The platform has live casinos and card games to engage their beloved customer. Fairplay has a wide range of options like poker, teen Patti, 32 card casino, and many more. The customer gets a better chance of winning as the user gets to vet directly against players.

Fairplay Rewards and Bonuses

Fairplay knows very well to engage its customers with exciting loyalty points and Bonuses. As you once signed up, the user gets a 100% cashback bonus that they use in the games. The platform also uses a very uniquely referring and earn system, where users can refer it to their friends and earn 1% cashback on every deposit. In addition, Fairplay encourages beginners by providing welcome bonuses, and regular customers on the platform get loyalty points and rewards by betting on games.

Financial services of Fairplay 

Fairplay has multiple fancy market options that comfort the customers on the platform. The transfers are easy and quick through different payment options like bank deposit, GPay, Paytm, Bitcoin, phone pe, and many more.

Deposits on Fairplay

The deposit method on Fairplay is very easy and straightforward through net banking, debit or credit card, payment gateway, and PayPal Id. The minimum deposit amount on the platform is INR 1000 and but no limit on the maximum deposit. Only on the Payment gateway is there a total deposit of INR 50000.

Withdrawal on Fairplay

Fairplay has a very accessible withdrawal facility to users, and so how is the best betting site in Indian rupees. The minimum amount a user can withdraw through the platform is INR 1000 and is very secure and safe for finance.

Banking on Fairplay 

Fairplay offers many banking options and is the best betting site in Indian currency. The platform mainly accepts Indian rupees (INR), but for the foreign customers’ comfort, there are debit or credit card services available, and wallets like PayPal and Astropay accept foreign currency.

So, Fairplay is one of India’s most recommended betting websites for Indian users and foreign customers. Betting beginners can have a tutorial and guide on the platform to make their betting love work for them in Winning.

To get more information visit on – https://fairplay.club/ and register on https://fairplay.club/register. And make your first deposit to get a 100% bonus! Refer your friends and earn even more by the referral system!

You can also follow FairPlay (@fairplay_india) on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for exciting contests and other updates! 



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