Rose Rape Case To Go To Jury


Derrick Rose, the presumed starting point guard of the New York Knicks, has been involved in a trial where he was accused of gang raping a Los Angeles woman, the plaintiff, who chose to remain anonymous.

The case ended Tuesday October 18, 2016 and went to the Jury for the final decision. The civil trial, which had been going on since late August 2015, had been an off-court distraction for the point guard, taking the attention away from what seems to be quite a miraculous recovery from three separate severe knee injuries that set his career back almost tragically.

Jane Doe, the chosen pseudonym for the plaintiff to be used in court, had a strong claim and said that she was gang-raped in the middle of the night two years before she took it to the civil trial. She claims that Rose and two of his friends, Hampton and Allen, gang raped her in the middle of the night when she was unconscious, not consenting to the intercourse. Doe’s roommate attested that Doe did not remember anything that happened when she awoke that day.

All of the three alleged assailants claimed it was consensual.

Derrick Rose

Rose’s lawyers have regularly claimed that keeping the plaintiff’s name anonymous was hurting their case as she was known to be very “sexual” and posted several suggestive photos on Instagram. The judge, Michael W. Fitzgerald, lashed back at Rose saying that he was slut shaming and that what he was saying was “rude and unprofessional.”

Several leaks came out suggesting who the plaintiff really is but nothing is confirmed. She prefers to remain anonymous because the Kobe Bryant rape case from 2003 showed how one’s identity, if uncovered in a rape trail, can be destroyed because of a case like this.


One outside factor in this case was that the defendant claims is that the plaintiff had texted even on that same night on August 2013, which he claims proves her sobriety. Some texts that would otherwise disprove Doe’s testimony were deleted, which would have swung the case in Rose’s favor tenfold if their existence had been found.

The disparity between the two parties’ cases regarding text messages was huge, each accusing the other of lying.

One more thing Rose’s claimed is that this is an act of jealousy for one or both of two reasons. One reason is that Rose broke an expensive “sex belt” of Doe’s and had yet to pay back for it. Another reason was that Rose ended a sexual relationship with Doe and she was upset.

All in all, Knicks fans hopes this ends on a positive note for Rose as their season starts in Quicken Loans Arena October 25 against the defending champions, the Cleveland Cavaliers. This will be not only the first match of their season, but the first basketball game of the season for the entire league. Facing a perennial contender, it will surely be a challenge and the Knicks would love to have their starting point guard come in with a clear mind and ready to play.

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