NFL Community Reacts To Joe McKnight Death During Week 13


As we all know, ex-New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs running back Joe McKnight was shot and killed on the afternoon of December 1 in New Orleans.

New Orleans authorities said that Ronald Gasser, 54, shot McKnight after a road rage dispute. According to the New Orleans Times-Picayune, witnesses at the scene of the crime “saw a man at the intersection yelling at McKnight, who was trying to apologize.”

The witnesses also told the Times-Picayune that Gasser stood over McKnight and shot him in the chest.

A press conference was held to reveal some details of the case, including that the man who shot McKnight. During the press conference, Sheriff Newell Normand stated that the man who shot McKnight was in his car when he fired all three shots.

Norman announced at the press conference that the witnesses’ statements were untrue. “That did not happen,” Normand said during a live broadcast on

“That witness account – and we talked to that witness, if it’s the same one I’m talking about – is factually incorrect. It did not happen,” Norman concluded.

“We’re not going to reveal at this point in time any of the details of this investigation,” Normand said. “Why? There are still witnesses we’re looking for. I don’t want to be accused of tainting this investigation or suggesting a story about this investigation to witnesses we have not located and talked to. Simply put, that is the appropriate thing to do.”

Gasser has yet to be charged on a crime as the investigation is ongoing.

Outrage from the community, National Football League (NFL) players and the family of McKnight has come up. All have accused the release of Gasser as “racial,” being that McKnight was shot killed by Gasser, who is identified as a white male and McKnight as a black male. Norman has denounced these accusations as not racial motivated.

“It’s got me sick to my stomach,” Shantell Dobard, identified by the Times-Picayune as one of McKnight’s family members said. “I’m just disappointed how they just let him go free after he was shot to death as an unarmed man. “The system is so screwed up,” Dobard concluded.

According to Times-Picayune, Norman stated a response to the people outraged. “People can Monday morning quarterback what we’ve done,” he said. “Mr. Gasser is not going anywhere. He has been completely cooperative with us in every request that we’ve made. The issue at the end of the day is that we will do a very thorough and deliberate investigation,” Normand concluded.

During the NFL’s “Cleats for a Cause” series, which is a week celebrated for players to wear special cleats to support a cause of their choice, Buffalo Bills running back Reggie Bush wore cleats to honor Joe McKnight’s tragic death.

McKnight and Bush both are Alumni of the University of Southern California (USC), who also shared the same respected position.

Reggie Bush displayed the cleats on his Twitter.

Joe McKnight spent four seasons in the NFL and recorded 505 rushing yards on 113 attempts in just 41 games as a pro. McKnight was also used as a kick returner for the Jets and Chiefs over his career.

McKnight recorded 2,213 yards and 13 touchdowns as a running back for the Trojans, which led McKnight to the NFL in the 2010 NFL Draft. He was selected 112 overall in the fourth round.

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