Houston Rockets Match Donatas Montiejunas Offer Sheet


The Houston Rockets have matched the Brooklyn Nets’ four-year, $37 million offer sheet to restricted free agent Donatas Motiejunas.

Motiejunas had staged a five-month holdout, in hopes of procuring the best deal possible; This holdout finally came to a conclusion, as the Rockets decided to match the Nets’ offer, just hours before the deadline.

Last season, the Lithuanian forward averaged 6.2 points per game over 14.8 minutes per game for the Houston Rockets. However, the skilled big man only played in 37 games due to back problems. In fact, a trade that would have sent Motiejunas to the Detroit Pistons last season was waived because of his back.

The big man’s injury history, which included surgery to repair a ruptured disk in 2015, explains the Rockets’ reluctance to sign the 7-footer. However, this contract, devised by the Nets, gives Houston a number of team options, if they desire to cut Motiejunas.

The Nets’ inability to ultimately sign Motiejunas serves as their third failure is obtaining a restricted free agent in this free agency class, as the Portland Trail Blazers and Miami Heat retained Allen Crabbe and Tyler Johnson, respectively, after they agreed to an initial offer sheet with the Nets.

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