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As the popularity of soccer in north America lags, we take a look at the popularity of Germany’s Bundesliga. We literally billions of dollars to be made in the international football scene we in the U.S should use teams such as Bayern Munich as an example of how to buils a fan base that almost supports and entire league. Bayern Munich F.C has dominated German Football thanks to their superior financial strength compared to others in the league. They manage to stay at the top by buying all the best players from the other clubs in Germany and this year is no different. They have just announced that they have agreed to sign German international players Sebastian Rudy and Niklas Sule from Hoffenheim. They have both been outstanding this season helping their club to an amazing unbeaten run. Their loss will greatly damage their team next season so they will be eliminated from threatening Bayern’s throne.


Anyone making Germany Bundesliga predictions will always have Bayern as the favorite to win. The dominance of one team takes away the excitement generated by genuine competition. The EPL is the world’s most popular league thanks to there been a number of clubs challenging for the title each year and not just a couple like in the Bundesliga. With the team from Munich being able to buy all the best players from any club they want in Germany, it gives them a huge advantage over their rivals. They get to pick the cream of the crop and the other teams act as feeder clubs. Unless the teams in the league all get an equal share of the money the cards will always be stacked in Bayern’s favor.


In recent years they have signed from rivals Borussia Dortmund Mats Hummels, Robert Lewandowski and Mario Götze, from Stuttgart they have signed Mario Gomez, from Schalke Manuel Neuer and from Wolfsburg Mario Mandzukic. With those types of signings, it is no surprise why German League Predictions always have them as the favorites for the title.


In most of the cases where Bayern have bought star players from clubs they have made their rivals weaker and strengthened their own. With this happening each year it is no surprise why they sit in first place. Unless all the German teams get together to try to put an end to this it will always be an unfair playing field in the Bundesliga.


Bayern is playing by the rules but they are tilted so far in their favor they will not want them changing. Even their closest rivals Dortmund also willing to sell their best players to them to for big money. If Dortmund really wants to be serious title contenders they need to stop this and concentrate on building a team that can challenge Bayern for the title.


One of the biggest surprises this season has been the rise of RB Leipzig. The team only got promoted this campaign and they are flying high. Many experts football tips say that they could even surprise everyone by beating Bayern to the title. If they can keep this crop of players together and resist big offers during the summer transfer window, they have a genuine chance of becoming one of the top teams in Germany. However as the past has shown us, players heads get turned by big money offers and it is likely they will lose many of their key man who got them to this point.


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