William Botchway

William Botchway was born and raised in Queens, New York. He is a huge sports fan and is always up for a debate. He have the misfortune of being a diehard Mets and Jets fan, as well as living through the Isiah Thomas era as a young impressionable child. Yes, that also means that he’s a Knicks fan, as well as a Rangers fan dealing with their eternal teasing. He’s the editor of the Mets section, lead writer of the Jets section, as well as Knicks and NYCFC staff writer, and Rangers contributor. In addition, he has another website that you should check out: His personal blog is New York Sports Plus (newyorksportsplus.com), where you can find everything that he writes for every website that he writes for (as long as it’s not a collaborative effort), as well as some other things that he may not have shared with others. He also writes for Sports Dorks (sportsdorks.com) which features longer, more focused writing, and was started by our very own Charlie Fogg In addition to writing for New York Sports Hub, his weekly picks for the Giants and Jets will be on the Facebook page every Sunday so check those out! He’s especially excited to be writing here at New York Sports Hub! Follow him on Twitter (@WilliamBotchway).